Photo Airbrushing Services

In the world of digital photography, Airbrushing is word that refers to editing photos by means of retouching objects, editing skin imperfections, and editing body shapes among others. For many photographers and Ecommerce business owners, their pictures must be flawless before they use them in their websites. This means pictures must first be edited to perfection by a professional photo editing service that is experienced in all types of photo editing that includes Digital Airbrushing. This method of editing is extremely essential in picture editing because it provide numerous benefits.

Editing Plans That Fit Your Needs

$2 /image

Level 1

Services Applied
  • Removing the background
  • Skin imperfections
  • Airbrushing the skin
  • JPG, PNG or PSD format
  • Color correction
  • Small items removal
  • Level 1 body liquifying
  • Color correction
$5 /image

Level 2

Services Applied
(Level 1 included)
  • Teeth braces removal
  • Glasses glare removal
  • Basic color fixing
  • White Balance
  • Color change
  • Body retouching
  • Make up retouching
  • Skin retouching
$8 /image

Level 3

Services Applied
(Level 1 & 2 included)
  • Full body retouch
  • Full clothes reshaping and liquifying
  • Hair fixing
  • Symmetrical sides
  • Multiple images mix
  • Metal buttons / parts retouching

Portrait Photo Airbrushing

One advantage of digital airbrushing in picture editing is dealing with portraits. Those who require professional portraits are models, actors, and even many of those working in the corporate world. For their photographs to appear as professional and flawless as possible, they have their portrait photos edited by a professional photo editing service as they are able utilize portrait photo airbrushing that provides many amazing features. Among these features are:

  • Photo Retouching
  • Magazine Background Retouching
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Clothes Retouching
  • Skin Retouching
  • Blemish Removal

Wedding Photo Airbrushing

Photo Airbrushing also plays a significant role in enhancing wedding photos, which many individuals consider very sacred as these photos capture one of their happiest moments. If you wish to look back at your wedding photos years from now with the greatest pride, you may need to get your wedding pictures retouched by a professional service. Having this done by professionals will ensure pictures enhancements of the highest quality. Some editing methods that will surely enhance your wedding photos are:

  • Image Color Retouching
  • Cropping
  • Airbrushing Skin
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Makeup Retouching
  • Hair Retouching

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Family Photo Airbrushing

For many people, family pictures are very sacred because these pictures symbolize unity and happiness. This is why a lot of individuals choose to have their family portraits retouched by a professional service. When you have your family photos professionally retouched, you have a multitude of editing solutions available such as having eyebags removed, stray hair edited, and background enhancement. In addition, you can also have these other solutions applied to your photos:

  • Photo Cropping
  • Color Enhancement Retouching
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Eye Color Retouching
  • Clothes Smoothening
  • Merging Background
  • Background Removal
  • Shadow Balancing

Headshot Photo Airbrushing

Last but definitely not least, photo airbrushing is ideal for editing headshots. Most actors, models, and corporate professionals seem to want to look their best and having their headshots edited professionally is certainly an idea solution. When you have your headshots edited via airbrushing, some available editing services are:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Eye Color Retouching
  • Clothes Smoothening
  • Merging Background
  • Background Removal
  • Shadow Balancing

Photo airbrushing services are truly required when retouching most family, wedding, and headshot portraits. If you wish to locate a professional photo editing service that specializes in airbrushing, contact The Pix today. We offer very affordable Photo Airbrushingservices at the highest quality possible. For more information about our services, feel free to visit our Services pageor simply leave us a message for any other inquiries.


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